Chances are you may have some questions about our services. Please see below to review some of our most frequently asked questions.

How much do you charge to manage my property?

Why should I choose pinpoint property management?

Will the tenants take good care of my property?

How do I get my rent money?

What should I expect for my fees?

What is my commitment to Pinpoint?

What is all this going to cost?

Are there any other costs to get started?

How and when do you send my funds?

How do you determine a rental rate for my property?

When do I get statements?

Do I approve all repairs and upgrades?

What do you do if tenants does not pay rent?

Do I have to continue to have homeowners insurance or will the tenant be responsible for insurance?

What if I still have questions about your property management services?

I’m ready… how do I get started?

Hopefully we’ve answered any questions that you might have. If not please visit our contact page and get in touch.