Signs of a Damaged Water Lines

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Here are some tips on how you can spot the – Signs of a Damaged Water Line

It is the responsibility of landlord and property owner to make sure that everything operates smoothly in the rental property. Plumbing system in any house is one of the most important parts but owners and landlords often forget to renew their pipelines.

Any form of ignorance in replacing the aging pipes can lead water leaks in the house or it can also lead to busted pipeline. Below are some signs of damaged pipelines which must never be ignored.

Water coming out of the tap is brown in color or discolored
Sometimes water coming out of the fixtures is discolored but this should not raise your concern because there can be some maintenance work going on in municipal water connection. With well water it can be a sign that you need to change your filter but if the fixtures are constantly delivering discolored water then it is a sign that the pipeline is either degraded or corroded.

Water pressure is weak
Weak water pressure can also be the sign of broken pipeline as leakages in the pipe sap out the water causing pressure to become low. But weak pressure can also be caused by blockage in the pipe or may be the pressure is weak from the water supplier itself. Whatever the case it is important to bring in a plumber to get the condition evaluated.

Clogs become common problem
Blockages in the pipes are common phenomenon but if the clogs are occurring frequently then it is possible that the water line has collapsed. Extreme corrosion in pipeline can cause the clogs to occur by blocking the pathway of the water.

If you discover any moist spots where moisture must not be there then it is a sign that there is a water leak in the nearby area. Such leaks happen from broken pipeline and if there is growth of mold in certain area then it also indicated water leak. There is a possibility that the leak is in the sewage system and not in the waterline and sewage system water leaks are easily distinguished by horrible odor.

If you experience any of the above it’s time to take action. Call your landlord or property manager and keep them abreast of the situation. 

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