Embracing and Enhancing Your Investment and Quality of Your Life…

The management of your condominium corporation is more than a ‘to-do’ list; it requires taking a passionate and proactive approach to the single biggest investment in your life…your home. Pinpoint has extensive resources and knowledge to take a personal ‘hand on’ approach to professionally managing any size, age and type of condominium.

We recognize and appreciate each property requires personalized services; our diversified team of engaged and educated staff will provide custom support to adapt to your needs. We partner with our clients and share the vision and goals for their community.

Our portfolio consists of all types of clients. By emphasizing reserve planning, budgeting and personalized customer service, we cover everything related to top quality condominium management of high rise, townhome, and vacant land sites, including:

  • Administrative services and banking management
  • Web based access to timely and accurate financial reports/budgets, operational reports, and more
  • Support, supervision, coordination, and training of building and site staff
  • Day to day operations to complex project planning and management
  • Meeting preparation, facilitation, and attendance
  • Prompt processing of employee/contractor payment
  • Maintaining files and correspondence logs to ensure seamless communication and legislative governance
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Insurance coverage and claims administration

Financial Details

You will have complete control over your financial affairs. We will collect all fees and deposit them directly into an account(s) set up in the name of the Condominium Corporation. Unlike many management companies, Pinpoint Property Management will not have signing authority on your bank account(s). This will enable you to have complete control over your disbursements. In addition, all expenditures over an amount agreed upon by the Board of Directors will be discussed with the Board prior to the Property Manager making a commitment for provision of services.

Reserve Fund Study Analysis and Management

Pinpoint Property Management can provide you with financial analysis and planning of existing replacement reserve funds. Projections of cash flow expenditures are done to optimize the condition of your property/asset throughout its maintenance cycle. Clients can benefit from thorough analysis of the operating, financing and life cycle re- capitalization needs of a property.

Financial Statements

We will assist you in managing the financial affairs of your condominium by providing monthly financial statements. These statements will show how your current month’s income and expenses compare to your annual budget. This information will allow you to monitor expenditures to ensure that your budget plan is followed. It will also provide you with warning signals if certain expenses are being incurred faster than anticipated and have a potential of exceeding what was budgeted for. The financial statements will be completed within thirty (30) days of the end of the month and distributed to the Board members with the meeting packages prior to the Board meeting.


Pinpoint Property Management will work with you to develop an annual budget that will enable you to meet your annual operating and reserve fund plans. This means that you, as Directors and as owners, will not be faced with unnecessary surprises throughout the year. We involve you in the budgeting process and have developed a simple step-by-step process to develop your Corporation’s financial plan. Our team keeps on top of market trends and is able to budget accordingly for such things as utilities and other essential services.

Collection of Arrears

We will contact owners who are in arrears, personally, by phone, and/or by letter. Our arrears collection system will automatically charge interest on all overdue accounts. A Caveat will be placed on a unit Title when fees are over 90 days in arrears. Letters to Mortgage lenders and appropriate legal collection action will be pursued on the direction of the Board. The goal is to have all fees collected.


Good communication is essential! We will prepare, with your input, a Welcome Package specifically tailored for you. This package will provide information to new owners related to operations, policies and Bylaws established by and for your complex. It will also include information on how to handle emergencies. We have developed specific guidelines for our Property Managers to assist in monitoring your site. To ensure your expectations are met, we will conduct site inspections with resulting issues addressed with the Board. Contract specifications will be observed and monitored, to ensure that what is agreed to and expected is delivered. We will also act as a liaison with respect to owner/resident complaints in order to maintain good relations between the Board of Directors and their neighbours.

At Pinpoint our business is about relationships and enhancing our partnerships with our clients, staff, and contractors for a collaborative team approach to your home. Our culture is driven by personal growth and professional achievements. It takes a determined company to set the standard for Property Management. Our client retention and satisfaction allows Pinpoint to be that company.